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Commonly Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance?

We choose not to accept insurance so that you can have the exam done without a doctor's order. We understand the desire to have a choice in the decision for your brest screening

Will it hurt?

Ultrasound is painless, and has very light pressure. It is more gentle than a masage

Where are you located?

Our hometown is Atlanta, Georgia. However, we are a mobile service and frequently travel to other locations when there is a need.

How do I know if I have dense breasts?

The only way to know is through diagnostic imaging. Sometimes, if a breast is very dense, you might feel tiny lumps in your breast. It is important to see your medical provider about this, especially if you have not had a breast cancer screening. Do not assume you know what the lump is.

Do I even need a mammogram?

Mammograms miss cancer in about every other exam in dense breasts. However, for those without dense breasts, mammograms are still the gold standard for early detection

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Please email us at: support@atlantaultrsaound.com

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